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Subject: Build Safe Schools - Support H-7577

Dear Health, Education, and Welfare Committee Members,

First, I would like to thank Committee Chair McNamara and Committee Member Diaz for joining Representatives Segal, Moffitt, and Slater in introducing H-7577, a bi-partisan bill to prevent schools in our state from being built on toxic waste sites.

I am urging all Committee Members and legislators to support this important bill, too.

Building schools on contaminated land puts children and teachers at risk of dangerous pollutants. Growing evidence reveals that exposure to these pollutants causes children to be afflicted with higher rates of asthma, cancers, lower IQs, and learning disabilities, which impede their ability to develop to their full potential.

Furthermore, it's costly to site schools on contaminated sites and monitor the buildings to ensure long-term safety. Education dollars would be better spent on educational programs than on cleaning up pollution created by former property owners.

We have already seen several schools in Providence, such as the Carnevale Elementary School, Springfield Middle School, and Adelaide High School be built on heavily contaminated land.

We need to take steps now to ensure that our kids will be safe and healthy when they are at school. Exposing children to known, harmful chemicals is not something that should ever happen in America.

Children look to adults for protection. Let's act now to end the shameful practice of siting schools in Rhode Island on contaminated land.

Please support H-7577 and ask your colleagues to do the same.

Thank you.

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